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About us

Oskar Holdings is a private family owned investment holding company mainly avctive in venture capital, ecommerce, market places, retail real estate and the entertainment industry. ​

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Unicorn angel
In the last 10 years Oskar Holdings participated from early stage in 14 companies that created more than 1B$US in value (Unicorns). We believe the next 10 years will create another 1000 new unicorn companies that will improve the quality of life for people more than any other force. Our aim is to participate in these phenomenal stories whenever we can.


Our plans until 2030

Our main focus is on investing buildings new ventures and help build.


With a team of experienced entrepreneurs we look for international opportunities of value creation. We identify market opportunities and build successful business.

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Our values
  • Entrepreneurship & Creation

  • Extreme focus on action and fast pace 

  • Positive impact and service for others 

  • Achievement and growth 

  • Long tern financial prosperity 

  • Hard work and honesty

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