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Igor Rybakov, Oskar Hartmann and Nikolai Katorzhnov invested 150 million rubles in the Klyuch cowork

According to the Kommersant newspaper, the RusBase information portal (Startup Afisha), and, venture investor Igor Rybakov, president and founder of Aktivo and CarPrice Oskar Hartmann, as well as a private investor, ex-CEO of the investment company " Otkritie Capital" Nikolai Katorzhnov invested 150 million rubles in the Russian network of co-working and ready-made offices "Key". Igor Rybakov and Oskar Hartmann invested 100 million rubles. Nikolai Katorzhnov's investments amounted to 50 million rubles.

New investors will become members of the company by increasing its capital. Igor Rybakov and Oskar Hartmann received 20% in Klyuch, Nikolay Katorzhnov - 10%. The share of co-founders, respectively, proportionally diluted to 70%. Shares of partners are not detailed.

Prior to the transaction, the company had six shareholders: project co-founders Vladimir Guber, Vladimir Maslyakov, Ivan Naumov and Pavel Fedorov, who is also the CEO of Klyuch, and Future Biotech founders Dmitry Kuzmin and Alexander Vasilevsky. According to the general director of Klyuch, Pavel Fedorov, in exchange for investments, entrepreneurs will join the board of the company's participants.

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