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Oskar Hartmann interviewed British billionaire Richard Branson at Synergy Global Forum 2017

Oskar Hartmann: Only 3,000 people in the world have been able to build multi-billion dollar companies. You are one of them. Share the secret to your success, Richard.

Richard Branson: Every entrepreneur should be able to connect with people, care for others and inspire them. Learn to use these skills and then you will achieve almost anything. Many of you have great ideas, but without a team, it will be difficult for you to implement them. I was able to surround myself with talented people, many of them much better than me.I gave them the freedom to create cool things. I never criticized them for their mistakes; on the contrary, I praised them. When an entrepreneur begins to build his business, he encounters such areas, the specifics of which he knew nothing about before. He gets a lot of experience - builds a business and learns new things. Don't stop learning. The team and the ability to learn is important. Full interview:

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